APCB certification encompasses 3 calendar years commencing on the date of successful completion of the written examination. Two dates, date of issue and valid through, will appear on the certificate along with a certification number.

To maintain the high standards of this professional practice and to assure continuing awareness of new knowledge in the field, APCB requires recertification every 2 years.

To be recertified as a CSAT, an individual must:

  1. Hold a current and valid certificate issued by APCB;
  2. 54 APCB approved hours of education including 3 in professional ethics and responsibilities received within the 2 year recertification cycle.
  3. Endorse by signature and uphold by practice the APCB Code of Ethical Conduct for professional behavior;
  4. Complete an application, notarized by local board and signed by applicant and pay recertification fee of US$45.

The completed recertification application should be received at APCB prior to the expiration date. If the application is incomplete, applicant will be notified by mail or email depending on what has been indicated by applicant.

There is no grace period, so if the recertification is not completed by the expiration date, the individual will no longer hold a CSAT and no further use of the CSAT is permitted until the individual has recertified.

All certified professionals should review the recertification application well in advance of the expiration date. There is no grace period, so recertification application must be completed by the expiration date. After 12 months, no recertification is possible and applicant would have to reapply for the credential, meeting all current requirements.

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