Fee Structure

Exam Fee: USD 150/ SGD 225

Re-certification Fee: USD 25/ SGD 35 (fee must accompany application and materials) - (due every 2 years)

Retest Fee: USD 75

Exam Cancellation Fee: USD 25

Accreditation Assessment fee: USD 30

Please use the menu links on the left to understand more about the certification process.

All assessment of documents will be done by the country board and approval will be granted by APCB. 

Special grants and scholarships are awarded for those who are unable to afford the accreditation fee above. Assessment of eligibility will be conducted on a case by case basis. Feel free to contact us at info@apcb.asia and we shall review the requests. 

Payment can be made to the local board in your country or via masters or visa online. You will receive an email confirmation on receipt of payment and provided the date for the examination at your country. 

Country Boards can ask for a special dispensation and fee adjustment depending on need and scholarships/funding available. This is especially true for countries in the World Bank’s C & D ratings.